Intellectual Property Protection


Synergetica understands that our customer's intellectual property is critical to the success of our vision of becoming one of the world's premier custom manufacturers, including securing competitive advantages and achieving financial objectives. In the case of the Custom Manufacturing, Synergetica must protect to the utmost extent the transferred technology and the product usage as well as business information, to ensure a long-term relation between the two parties.


It is Synergetica's policy to take specific measures to protect our customer ' s confidential information and to be a reliable contract manufacture partner.

Specific Measures
  1. Plant IP protection committee
    1. The plant shall have an IP protection committee, which consists of the plant general manager, the plant technical manager, and a senior manager from the U.S.
    2. The committee shall be responsible for implementing the IP protection plan and executing the rules made for protecting customer ' s intellectual property, by quarterly reviews of the IP protection practice.
    3. The committee should also communicate with customer about any other IP protection considerations and report both inside and outside signs of infringement as long as the toll manufacturing relation remains.

  2. Employee related
    We cultivate a trustworthy work place by emphasizing the employee's development, mainly by productivity/performance evaluation. We award those who are innovative. The following is the IP Protection related to employees:
    1. The employees selected shall be trained in IP protection including emphasizing the importance of IP protection to both Synergetica and our customer before they are engaged in the assignment.
    2. Each of the employees selected to work on a project involving confidential information shall make a written commitment to our customer' s IP protection by signing a nondisclosure agreement with the company extending for a period (20 years).
    3. Any employee who breaches the agreement will be fined or terminated. The policy will be disseminated to our plant's entire personnel.
    4. The employees selected to work on confidential projects will be given technical information on a need-to-know basis, for their specific tasks only.

  3. Document management
    1. The original technical package transferred by our customer shall be kept in a safe and secured location by the Plant IP protection committee members only.
    2. Only two copies of the original technical package are allowed and are registered for the VP of Technology and Technical Manager of the production plant.
    3. In case of termination of Synergetica as a supplier to the customer, the original technical package and the two copies will be returned to the customer.
    4. All intermediates and end product shall be coded and labeled appropriately without revealing the chemical structure.
    5. All of the laboratory records and the batch production sheets shall be filed appropriately and kept in a safe location by the Plant I P protection committee personnel.
    6. The use of computers, e-mail and copy machines for documentation and communication of our customer's product will be limited to the Plant IP protection committee members, key technical and business personnel.

  4. Configuration
    1. Each production unit or workshop will be assigned a different production function and the plant will make such products physically separated as much as possible.
    2. No information about our customer ' s product identity and usage will be given to raw material suppliers.

  5. Restricted physical access
    1. Only authorized employees can access the production units or workshops at any time.
    2. No photos of the production units or workshops are allowed without the permission of the Plant IP protection committee.
    3. No tours of the production units or workshops will be arranged for visitors.
    4. Signs of "ACCESS BY AUTHORIZED EMPLOYEES ONLY" and "NO PHOTOS TAKEN" will be posted in the front of the entrances of the production unit or workshops.

  6. External communication
    1. The customer's prior approval shall be obtained for necessary external communications, including with the state and/or the city regulatory authorities and local safety office or fire department. Synergetica will limit the information proliferation on a need-to-know basis.
    2. Synergetica will divulge no information to news media, banks, or suppliers.

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